DUK-2A Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System

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Main Application

  • Coal mining gobs, caves of Custer area, geological disasters survey like landslides other geological disasters.
  • High resolution engineering geological exploration like factory foundations, highways, bridges, railways, civil engineering, hydrology, engineering, environmental.
  • For landslides and other geological disaster exploration.
  • Metal and non-metallic mineral resources exploration and geothermal exploration.


Features and Functions

Observing Apparent Resistivity and Apparent Polarizability at the same time

Mainframe can process common electric operation, maintain all the function of DZD-6A Multi-function DC Instruments.


1. DZD-6A Multi-Function DC Resistivity & IP Instruments Specifications

Measuring Voltage Range


Measuring Current Range


Measuring Voltage Accuracy

±1% ±1digital

SP Compensation Range


Input impedance


Interference Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency)

Better than 80dB

Maximum Power Supply Voltage


Maximum Power Supply Current


Power Pulse Width

1-59 seconds, Duty Cycle 1:1

Working Temperature

-10 to +50, 95%Rh


305×200×202 mm


8 kg


2. MIS-60 & MIS-120 Multiplex Electrode Switch Specifications

Conversion Electrodes

60channels or 120 channels

 Operating modes

LCD display, man-machine dialogue operation

Maximum Allowable Current


Maximum Withstand Voltage


Insulating Property


Working Temperature

-10~ +50, 95%Rh


365×269.5×169mm (60 channels), 342×211×258mm (120 channels)


7 kg (60 channels), 8.5kg (120 channels)



System Components

  • One DAZ-6A multi-functional DC resistivity instrument as the survey and control unit in the system
  • DUK-2A type 60-channel or 120-channel multiplex electrode switch manufactured by our factory
  • cables, electrodes and other related accessories

Some of the accessories